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No need to be bored this festive season. The much anticipated old school reunion is here. A fun event put in order to reignite what transpired from admission to final paper in the secondary school.
Most people feel so relaxed to part-take in such a life time event and when they finally do, the countless wows are written all over their emotions.


Having been far away from friends and mates for that long, it is a great opportunity to come pick the lost treasure. Aside fun and entertainment, soliciting of social life as well business/job opportunities are likely to pop-up and I guess many will be more than willing to embrace that. Someone somewhere on a particular day is likely to meet a lost special one and who knows, the chances may be great.


The most amazing thing about old school reunion is the fact that the air will be cleared. One shouldn’t be surprise to see a strange face walk to you in the name of apologizing for a wrong done to you some years back. Old humiliations keep many people away from such reunions but for all you might know someone is actually searching for you at the very least avenue to render a heartfelt apology.
Old school reunion is basically to reunite, reconnect, party, have fun and entertain. Other secondary matters may arise so you don’t need to be left out. No one will be there purposely to ask you what you do for living or “hellooo, where are you now”. Old friends may walk past you unconcern but let’s put pride and ego aside. Start the conversation if they fail to but in a much loving way.
We equally have the big men and the likes in most of the government institutions in Ghana .Come have a link with this beautiful people, let’s sit down together to reminisce about the swallowed coin, pregnant goat in our morning breakfast, slaps received from authority and many of such(only kaliscans can relate).
No need to ponder much about this old school reunion because it’s one of a kind to have ever hit Tamale. The old-timers will nod to this pandemic doom of fun.imagin writing your name with your butts as pick and act will not be left out. Wait a minute; did I just see a smile on your face? Anyway I can’t control mine either. The mood and environs of Bigiza court hotel will change to a positive reflection. Be there and lets have the “we” factor once again. Graduates of our sister schools are therefore invited to share the fun and witness the birth of KASS OLD SCHOOL REUNION as the pioneer of old school reunion in the northern region. Red carpet session begins at exactly 8:30am inside bigiza court hotel on the 23rd of Dec 2017. Inspirational speeches, musical/poetry performances with all the amazing fun games.
Kass old school reunion, get educated get entertained…


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