NORTHERN MUSICIANS ARE JOKERS, Says Respected Radio Presenter

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King Hassan

King HassanWhen it comes to entertainment, Northern Region, precisely Tamale, is one of the fastest growing city, in terms of Music. Many people have expressed their joy at the rate at which the industry is growing, but many people forget to ask themselves if what our local artist from here produce is of international standards.

Can the tracks we see from here win international awards , like the BETs and those bigger award schemes in the world? Are they(Musicians) producing quality music for us? Well it seems many dont even want to speak about these probing issues, we turn to follow musicians who have big fan bases, and our musicians are so lame that they don’t use the right tools to get their music to the entire world. Do they use social media well to promote themselves like the Jay Zees, Justin Beibers, etc do? Well King Hassan of  Justice FM, one of the most respected Radio Presenter in the region, finally spoke on these issues saying most of our “northern artists are jokers” Read why he had to say that.

“Up here in the north, people do music without having focus, target or even analyzing what they really want to achieve in their musical profession. I say this is a serious joke. Now my reasons;
1. An artist in the north will do music without having plans for the music to cross its original geographical area. Where by zillion of musicians elsewhere gets their songs being played in many countries and even international. It isn’t that the Northern Artites can’t do same. They luck seriousness and vision among their management. And they are self centered.
2. An artist in the north hardly get their songs enjoying massive air-play elsewhere in the remaining other nine regions in Ghana talk less of crossing boundaries. Always fighting to get more air-play within their home instead of trying to promote it in another region or area. I call this a joke.
3. An artist in the north will break and set record in the history of Ghana’s music, yet it will not reach far. Just few people will know because they don’t take media serious.Here the artist has lost an effective promotion. For example, I read a story about the just ended event in Tamale which was dubbed Operation Suhudoo. The organizers made the media to spread the info which only spoke about the southern artistes who took part in the event but several northern artist also performed. Also, Fareed who is believed to be an artist under Bamba Record Label who were the organizers of the event, got his picture on the story. Which I believed that the label is promoting their artist. That is seriousness and that is what we call management. Here, I will say they only care about making money instead of targeting the two (aiming for achievements and money). Michael Jackson, 2pac, celindion, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale etc all began just like several in the north here have began. Some of them in the north have gotten the fame but they are still claiming and fighting for local championship instead of making good use of the fame and popularity to aim higher. Too bad!!!
4. Most of these so called managements of an artist in the north don’t even read entertainment. They don’t follow any other musicians to read and know how he/she has accomplished so much from music. They only want to write on social media, his artist has done this and that which nobody is able to do. I sigh!!! Meanwhile most of them are claiming for local championship. Who knows them apart from their jurisdiction.
5. Most of their managements are less/
ineffective business skilled persons. Hence seriousness is missing.”

By King Hassan(Radio Presenter at Justice FM)..

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