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We need to understand that men also have different body types just as the women do as well. One great key to choosing a perfect Tuxedo is to begin by identifying what body type you fall into.

It presupposes that not all tuxedo style will necessarily look good on everyone. There are styles of tuxedo which can elongate your frame using factors such as buttons and lapels.There are some styles of tuxedo which of course will look much better on a large man than a slender man.In this case for double breasted tuxedo will guarantee a better fit if you a large sized man.A single breasted tuxedo The front buttons on the suits are in a single straight row. You can opt for a vest or cummerbund to accompany your Tuxedo. You also have button options such as 1, 2, 3, 4 buttons.Narrow overlap of fabric, normally single-breasted suit jacket with three or four buttons will elongate a larger upper body and tend to flatter the slim body types.Bulkier guys can opt for a single or double button suit or the double breasted style. Remember on a double button suit only the top button is closed the other is left unbuttoned and always remember to unbutton your suit when seated.

The warm weather tuxedo suit 

This alternative black tie tuxedo was created to be worn during warm weather. As we all are aware black creates heat and can be heavy when worn during the day time.

The light colour version in shades of which or cream was created so that the wearer can still wear a tuxedo during day time function and look good as well.

So we find a lot of this colour of tuxedo worn during day events such as weddings and some instances formal events on cruise ships. However there is basically no hard and fast rule with regards to the colour.

The black tuxedo can also suffice for a day event if you can’t lay your hands on a lighter version of the tuxedo.

The best colour however for evening events remains dark colour tuxedo suits.

Double breasted tuxedo 

The double breased type of tuxedo works well with men who are  short and stout. The overlap of the suit defines the physic well and enables a large stomach to be tucked in easily. This projects a well fitted look for the wearer .

Additional room can be created depending on whether the vent of the tuxedo is located in the middle of the suit or on the sides of the suit. A broader framed man will perhaps prefer to wear a tuxedo with double vent.

Tuxedo are best when worn with a bow tie. Check out formal occasions such as state dinners, Movie and Oscar awards night.

The thing to remember is Tuxedo is not a traditional clothing for us. Therefore, if we have imported a grooming culture, let us go by the dictates of this fashion culture and ensure that we pull of the wearing of our tuxedo properly.  Otherwise why bother at all?

I have seen guys who in an attempt to look different or make a fashion statement have ended up ruining the look of a gorgeous Tuxedo by pairing them with outrageous accessories.

Following the basic ingredients in the tuxedo ensemble makes for proper fashion decorum

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